Bond 2016 Facilities Space

Facilities Space


Our facilities are at or above capacity.  We need more space due to continued increases in enrollment projected over the next ten years.

  • Our district facilities are full with an anticipated growth of 8% over the next ten years with our current enrollment structures for grades K-12.
  • All day every day Kindergarten was supported by the state starting in the 14-15 school year requiring additional classroom space as Kindergarten students now attend a full day vs. the half day structure of the past.  (Also, we are paying close attention to the discussions of 4-year-old funding at the state level.)

  • As our population has grown, so have our extracurricular opportunities and needs.  We need additional space for practicing and performing for the arts, athletics and extracurricular activities.
  • We have well-maintained facilities that will continue to be utilized.  By building a new facility, we allow for more space at all of our district facilities.
  • Utilization of current facilities through maintenance updates and renovation provides the best value to our community by supporting quality learning spaces.
  • With the addition of space, additional levy funds will need to be secured to support the ongoing costs associated with a new facility.  The Board will continue to thoughtfully plan while being fiscally responsible.