Bond 2016 Financial Information

Financial Information

Detailed Tax Impact Chart - developed 2/3/16

For a more exact impact on property taxes, visit the Tax Calculator.

These impacts are based on a 25-year bond.

Minnesota Property Tax Refund and Relief Information

The chart above indicates the projected impact over the next 25 years.  The district does have bonds that will be ending in 2017 and 2021.  The increased amount above, however, would stay constant for the next 25 years as these two bond amounts have been figured in to the amounts above.

With the addition of space, additional levy funds will need to be secured to support the ongoing costs associated with a new facility.  The Board will continue to thoughtfully plan while being fiscally responsible.  A levy vote will need to happen prior to the 2019 opening of the new facility.  If education funding stays the same, the forecast by the district would be a levy estimated at $5-$7 a month on the average $180,000 home.