Business Economics

Business Economics

R. Froemming


Course Description: The course is designed to introduce the student to basic economic concepts and theories. 


Topics and Chapters covered:


                Unit 1  Introduction to Economics


                                Chapter 1  What is Economics?

                                Chapter 2  Economic Systems

                                Chapter 3  American Free Enterprise


                Unit 2  How Markets Work


                                Chapter 4 Demand

                                Chapter 5 Supply

                                Chapter 6 Prices


                Unit 3  Market Structures and Business Organizations


                                Chapter 7  Market Structures

                                Chapter 8  Business Organizations


                Unit 4 Measuring Economic Performance


                                Chapter 12  Gross Domestic Product and Growth

                                Chapter 13  Economic Challenges


                Unit 5 Government and the Economy


                                Chapter 14  Taxes and Federal Spending

                                Chapter 15 Fiscal Policy


                Unit 6  The Federal Reserve and Monetary Policy


                                Chapter 16 Federal Reserve 


                Unit 7  The Global Economy


                                Chapter 17  International Trade




                Unit Tests (50%)


                Each unit takes 5-7 days with a unit test after each. During each unit, a worksheet with new vocabulary is given out to be completed.  In addition, a review sheet with multiple choice questions is given out.  These, along with your daily note sheet, are used to study for the unit test.  These unit tests will account for approximately 50% of your grade.


                Daily Work (25%)


                Various activities will be conducted throughout the quarter which will account

                for 20% of your grade.


                Market Indicator Project (25%)


                During the quarter we will be completing a project involving companies on the stock exchange and various indicators.  We will go into detail later on what is involved in the project.


Policies and Expectations


                Materials—you will be assigned a textbook during the quarter.  It is your responsibility to turn in that textbook in at the end of the quarter in as near to original condition as possible.  You will also want a folder for the class as well as a writing utensil.  A calculator is a necessity on some days.


                Attendance—It is your responsibility to find out what was missed during an excused absence.  You will have 2 days to make up any missed assignments.

                Makeup tests will be taken before school within 1 week of the absence.


                Tardies—3 tardies are allowed before detention is given on the 4th tardy.  Be in the room when the bell sounds. 


                No Food or beverages in class!  The only acceptable container is for water.


                Group Work. When working on an assignment, no more than 3 in a group (otherwise form 2 groups of 2). Walking around the classroom to find answers or searching other student’s papers for answers is copying and will result in a zero.


                Copying will result in a zero for the assignment or test.  Using materials from a previous section of economics is also copying and will result in a zero.  The zero will be given to both parties involved (the copyer and the copyee).


                Computer Use.  Computer use is a privilege in this class.  We will be searching the internet and using the computer to assist in preparing the stock market project.  If you abuse the computer time you will be handwriting parts of your report and researching out of class. Computer use is a privilege in this class.


                Fire Drills.  Meet at the big rock in the center island to take attendance.


                Show respect to others and their property. Disrespectful behavior will not be tolerated.  Treat others the way you want to be treated.


                Come to class with an open mind and be willing to learn something new.  I appreciate your willingness to take the class!


Welcome to Business Economics!!