Fire Destroys Pine Meadow Playground

A fire destroyed the playground at Pine Meadow Elementary during the afternoon on July 5, 2010. At 3:29 p.m., firefighters were called to the scene to respond to a fire that was fueled by the small pieces of rubber material that cover the playground as a base for children’s safety.  The playground is now unusable.  No people were injured in the fire.

The fire was started by a juvenile, and the child has admitted to being at the scene of the fire.  District officials are working cooperatively with law enforcement agencies and the family of the child regarding this incident.

The district’s first priority is to create a safe perimeter around the playground as the district prepares for the dismantling and removal of the materials in the playground area.  This playground was one of two at Pine Meadow Elementary. The school district and community pride itself on creating a sense of safety and security, and this playground was a point of pride in the community.  It was installed by community members about 10 years ago.