Retirees of 2016

The Sartell-St. Stephen School District would like to thank our retirees for their many years of service to our district and the impact you have made.  There is a collective of 256 years of experience retiring from the district in 2016.  Congratulations on retirement and we wish you well on your next adventures in life.

Tom Baker

Tom started his employment with the district in 1998 and has worked as an IT Director and Network Administrator.  He has enjoyed working with and supporting the always changing technology and infrastructure needs of the district.  Tom never knew how each day was going to turn out but could guarantee it was going to be interesting and fun. Tom has appreciated the many great people and friends that he has made during his 18 years with the district.  Tom is looking forward to helping his daughter at Baker’s Acres, her organic vegetable/livestock farm; rebuilding and flying his paraplane; spending winters at his place in Arizona and doing ‘nothing’ now and then.

Karen Coffin

Karen has worked as a bus driver for the Sartell-St. Stephen School District since 1996.  She loved working with all of the students and developing a positive rapport with each student.  It was always a goal of Karen’s to remember each student’s name.  She has appreciated working with so many great students, families and staff members across the district.  Karen plans to move up north and is looking forward to having more time for fishing, hunting, reading and crafting.

Shannan Daniels


Shannan started working in the Sartell-St. Stephen School District in 1994.  She most recently served as a Special Education teacher at Pine Meadow Elementary. 

Deb Johnson Shea

Deb joined the Sartell-St. Stephen School District in 1988 and has worked in a variety of roles including a Title 1 paraprofessional, a Special Education paraprofessional and as a crossing guard.  She will remember the rewarding experiences during her time in the district and the great students and staff.  She will also never forget when she was still wearing her pale blue fuzzy slippers one time when she showed up for crossing guard duty and then wore them to help students safely cross the street.  Deb is looking forward to spending time with family and friends and traveling. 

Jeff Kellerman

In 1983, Jeff joined the district and served as a Physical Education teacher, Head Boys and Girls Track coach and Head Boys and Girls Cross Country coach during that time.  He will always value the trust placed on him by the community, school board and families to impact the lives of so many students and worked hard to uphold that trust.  Jeff has been recognized for his many accomplishments through the following awards:  Leadership in Educational Excellence Award, Minnesota State High School Coaches’ Association (MSHSCA) Girls Cross Country Coach of the Year, MSHSCA Boys Cross Country Coach of the Year, a two-time MSHSCA Girls Track and Field Coach of the Year, True Team Track and Field Hall of Fame Inductee and a MSHSCA Track and Field Hall of Fame Inductee.  Jeff is planning to spend more time with his wife and visiting his daughter in California more frequently.  He also is looking forward to working with nature as a self-proclaimed ‘farm boy at heart’.  He will garden and work in the yard and look into getting some chickens and maybe even a few beef cows.  He will also continue to run and coach the Boys and Girls Cross Country Team.

Diane Kororll

Since 2005, Diane has worked in the school district as a teacher’s assistant and Special Education paraprofessional.  Diane will cherish all of the great paraprofessionals and amazing teachers with which she worked.  She loved working with the students, especially the kindergarteners.  There are many occasions students would call her ‘mom’, she says, “That’s when you knew the students really liked you.”  Diane is looking forward to decorating her new home, designing a large flower garden, traveling, visiting lots of relatives and having coffee and lunch with friends.

Terri Laudenbach

Terri started in the Sartell-St. Stephen School District in 1994 and has worked as a Media/Technology Assistant at Sartell High School and as a Media Assistant at Oak Ridge Elementary during that time.  As someone who loves to read, Terri couldn’t have asked for a better job.  She enjoyed meeting the great staff and students throughout the district and will always remember when the staff at Sartell High School dressed in red to cheer on Craig Sauer, a Sartell High School graduate, when he played in the Super Bowl with the Atlanta Falcons.  Now that Terri is retired, she plans to volunteer at Oak Ridge in the library and at her grandson’s school in Sauk Rapids.  She is also looking forward to the breakfast club meetings at the Stearns County History Museum. 

Carole Michalek

Carole started with the Sartell-St. Stephen School District in 1986 in the Food Service Department and is retiring as the head cook at Pine Meadow Elementary.  Carole enjoyed seeing the students every day as they came to the cafeteria.  She is looking forward to retirement with plans to fish, garden, spend time with the grandkids and relax.

Carol Miller

Carol joined the Sartell-St. Stephen School District in 2000, during August workshop week, and has taught Music to students at Sartell Elementary, Pine Meadow Elementary, Oak Ridge Elementary and Sartell Middle School.  A highlight for Carol was putting the spring concerts together which was always a very busy time but rewarding to showcase the students’ talents.  She has appreciated being part of such a top-notch school district with great students and staff.  She is looking forward to resting.  She also plans to substitute teach, garden and travel.

Joe Perske

Joe has worked in the Sartell-St. Stephen School District since 1990 as a 4th grade teacher, a Physical Education teacher at both Sartell Intermediate School and Sartell Middle School, a Sports Medicine teacher at Sartell High School and a Developmental Adapted Physical Education (DAPE) teacher districtwide.  Perske was the Girls Varsity Soccer coach for ten years that included two trips to the state tournament.  He also coached Junior High Soccer  and was an assistant coach for Cross Country Running.  He will remember working with teachers, parents and staff that are committed to education across the district.  A memorable highlight was attending prom with MaryJo Peckscamp, Rachel Miller and Alex Kouragian.  Perske has served the community on city council and as the Sartell mayor during his teaching career.  In 2014, he made an unsuccessful run for the U.S. Congress again Congressman Tom Emmer.  He plans to get back into politics this summer and has filed to run for Stearns County Commissioner in District 2.

Katie Rohling

Since 1986, Katie has worked for the district in a variety of roles.  As she shared, she started out as a ‘lunch ticket puncher’ and has been a part-time office assistant, a Title 1 paraprofessional and a Special Education paraprofessional.  She also served as a crossing guard for the district as saw students through rain, snow, cold, sleet and sunshine.  She was nominated by her colleagues as an outstanding leader and was awarded the Sue Ezell Leadership Award by her union this year.  She will be celebrating her retirement with a three-week trip to Tanzania and Zanzibar with her sister.  She is looking forward to more traveling with her husband, spending time with her family at their lake house and spoiling grandchildren.

Georgia Thienes

Georgia joined the Sartell-St. Stephen School District in 1996 after subbing in the district the previous year.  She taught 3rd grade at St. Stephen Elementary, Kindergarten and 1st grade at Sartell Elementary and 1st and 2nd grade at Oak Ridge Elementary.  She will always remember her students as they have meant the world to her.  Even though she was their teacher, she recognizes that she also learned so much from them.  A special memory for Georgia was when her 1st grade class communicated with soldiers that were deployed in Iraq.  They wrote letters and had the opportunity to connect over video teleconferencing.  One of the soldiers was able to join the class for an afternoon once he returned home from Iraq.  Georgia is grateful for her ‘school family’ and the friends and colleagues in the district.  She is looking forward to spending time vacationing across the United States in her RV, enjoying time with family and friends, to working with the Central Minnesota Therapy Animal Association and being involved with canine agility.