Winter Athletics and Activities Reminder

With the winter storm approaching tonight, it is a good chance to review our practice policies in the event of school cancellations/early dismissals.

If school is cancelled for the day, all practices and games are also cancelled that day and evening  - this might not include playoff games at that point, depending on other factors.
If school is dismissed early, all practices and games are cancelled for that afternoon and evening.
From time-to-time, we have had captains ask about a "captains" practice at another location on these days.  The answer to this is NO.  You need to take the lead on this and make sure they know that you want them to go home and/or stay home in these circumstances.
Also, if the weather arrives late afternoon/early evening, those of you who have late practices need to watch the weather and make informed decisions about when to send kids home.
Always make sure that all cars are started and all kids are on their way home before leaving yourself.  Remind them to clean cars off thoroughly, etc.
When in doubt, always error on the side of caution.
If you have questions, please let me know.
Thanks for your support!
John Ross, Activities Director