Early Childhood Screening

Early Childhood Screening

Early Childhood Screening is a simple screening of your child's

  • social/emotional
  • language
  • motor
  • cognition skills
  • height, weight, vision, and hearing

The screening appointment takes about an hour to complete and uses the DIAL 4 and Ages and Stages Social/Emotional Questionaire. 

Early Childhood Screening is

  • Designed for children between 3 and 5+ (kindergarten entrance)
  • Recommended that children are screened as early as possible 
  • Required prior to public kindergarten entrance
  • Screening is free of charge

Watch this 5 minute video: 


How do I schedule a screening?

Register online at by clicking here.  Your child does not need to be screened prior to registering for preschool.  However, it is suggested that you have a screening scheduled during the preschool year.  You may also call the Early Childhood office at 320-656-3763.

What if my child was screened in another school district?

Parents may contact the school district, in which their child was screened and ask that the screening records be sent to the new school.  If your child will be attending preschool, records can be sent to the District Service Center, 212 3rd Avenue North, Sartell.  If your child is attending kindergarten, your child's records may be sent to the elementary school in which your child will be enrolled.

Early Childhood Screening Location:

District Service Center, 212 3rd Avenue North, Sartell 

Visit www.sartellststephencommunityed.com for available screening dates and times.