Basic Web Training

Overall Guidelines

Anything that does not meet the guidelines below will be reviewed quarterly by our web site review committee. A determination will be made at that time as to what changes, if any, need to be made. This review process will be more frequent with the overhaul to our new page. If changes or edits need to be made, you will be contacted by someone from our web site team.

Any further questions, comments, and concerns can also be sent to:

Amy Trombley – or 320-420-0600



How To List

- Access your pages

Log in at the bottom of the page using your user name and password.

This will bring you to your Dashboard

- Dashboard

Your dashboard is unique to you. When logged in, to return to your dashboard, you will find a link button in the top right corner.


- Profile Page

Click the ‘Profile’ link under your Full Name

This will bring you to your profile. Please fill in the information as completely as possible.

Save the information – this will upload to your page as well as the staff directory.


- Schedule Page

Click the ‘Create your schedule’ link under your Full Name

Use the table provided to put in your schedule information that should be available to parents. You may change the number of columns and rows based on your needs. A button will automatically appear on your Profile Page once this is completed.

Be sure to Save when you are finished.


- Classroom Resources Page

Click the ‘Classroom Resources’ link under your Full Name

This will bring you to your Classroom Resources page. This is your page to have much more flexibility with. At the bottom of this page, your blogs will automatically become links as well as any pages you create.


- Welcome Page - Optional Page

Click the ‘Welcome Page’ link under your Full Name

This will bring you to your Welcome page. This is your page to provide a welcome and include notes on. A button will automatically be created if you choose to create this page.


- Create a page

Click the ‘Page’ button

This will bring you to a new page to create. The title you type in will appear on the top of your live page.

A list of all the pages you create will also be created automatically on your ‘Classroom Resources’ page


- Edit your page

Click the ‘edit’ button on your dashboard that corresponds with the page you want to edit.

If you are already on the page, click the ‘edit’ tab toward the top of the page.

Make edits as needed. Remember to save changes before viewing or leaving the page.

- Transfer information from a different page to your page

Copy and paste information in to Wordpad or Notepad – this will clean out font types, sizes, html coding, etc.

From there, copy and paste into the website text editor.

Make appropriate formatting changes, add hyperlinks, and other necessary edits.

- Hyperlink to a website

Highlight text you want to hyperlink

Select the ‘Link’ button in the editor fieldType in or copy and paste the URL (web address) into the URL box. Determine if you need to keep link in same web browser box or have a new window pop open.Same Window: If the address starts with it should remain in the same browser window

New Window – If the web address is leaving our site ( for example) Click on theTarget button and then select “New Window (_blank)


Attaching Documents

If at all possible please attach documents that are PDFs – this way our public will be able to access them. If you are attaching a document not in PDF format the rationale could include, but is not limited to: a document you want people to be able to type in responses, not compatible to be made into a pdf

***All documents will open up in a new window

- Upload a document

Currently, we are only allowing pdfs to be uploaded.

When in ‘edit’ mode, select the ‘file browser’ tab on the top of your dashboard.

Click ‘Upload’

File: Choose File field will show up – click here to browse the files on your computer.

Select the file you want to upload and click the ‘upload’ button. These files will show up in your files.


- Attach a document

Make sure the document you want to upload is available and in pdf format.

Highlight the text you want hyperlinked

Select the ‘Link’ button (a little world with a chain link)

Click on ‘Browse Server’

Select the file you want to upload if it is here or click on upload to browse your computer (follow same steps as Uploading a document.)

The document selected will show up in blue on the in the middle of the window (to show that you have selected it) - Click on that – this will upload your file.

To have it open in a new window (which ALL documents should do), Select the ‘Target’ button

Go to the Target drop down menu and select New Window (_blank)

Click OK and your document

All documents should open up in a new window.



Click on ‘table’ button

Enter how many rows and columns you’d like

Add other table properties you’d prefer

Click Ok

Your table will appear. You can

stretch your table to desired size.


Font Choices

Our district font will be Verdana; typically 13 point font. The color will stay a standard dark gray. The use of headers (different blues), bolding, underlining, and italicizing is allowed.

Header Choices:


Normal DIV





Heading 1 (Blue)

Heading 2 (Blue)

Heading 3

Heading 4

Heading 5

Heading 6

If you cut and paste from somewhere else without pasting into Wordpad or Notepad first, the font sizing, style, and color will not conform with the page settings.