Using Google Apps

Accessing the power of Google is one way that all staff and students can create files, share them, store them, access them both at home and at school, and keep them private. There is also a great calendar - plus a presentation program (like PowerPoint), a word processor, spreadsheet program and more!

Think you know Google? Just wait ‘til you see what it can do…
Google Advanced Search:

iGoogle (Personalized Homepage):


How do I personalize iGoogle? (from Google)

Personalize while signed in to your Google Account: Visit the Google homepage and click the iGoogle link in the top-right corner of the page

Begin personalizing by selecting some of the most popular content from the blue "Welcome to iGoogle" box to appear on your iGoogle page. You can play around with these and add as many as you’d like.

Once you’ve chosen those you like, you may move them around on the page or you can select to show or hide them.

Google Image Search:
Need a picture? Go to Google and select the "Image" tab.

Type your search term in and view pictures of that term. Be sure to set your preference at strict safe search – but still, be aware that inappropriate images may appear.

Google Docs

Google Docs:

Google gives you the ability to store some of your documents online for easy access. Just put the documents that you might need at another location on Google. You will be able to access them from work, the library or your friend's house as long as Internet access is available at that location. A select group of users can access these documents as well. You don't even have to download any software.

Go to a new screen by clicking the "Upload" button. Next, choose the file you want to send to Google. From there, you will be able to select a document from your computer through the "Browse" button. Click "Upload file" to add it to your list of documents.

Press the "Continue" button and the document will appear. You can now work with the file, format it as you want, and add information before saving again.

Turn off your popup blocker if you are using it. Press the "New" button to create a new word processing or spreadsheet document. You will see a flashing button to the right that says "loading." Name this file by clicking "File" and choosing how you want to save the document.

Access the newly created document by choosing it from the files available on the directory. See "Files created by me."

Allow others to view the document by choosing the "Share" in the upper right-hand corner of the screen while you have the document open. A screen will show on the left side that allows you to input email addresses of those you want to be able to view or collaborate on your document. You can also choose to check the box so that anyone can see the document.

Google News

Google News:
Looking for updated news from the past hour, day, week, month or from a specific year, try Google News.

Google Reader: Check out this video on what Google Reader can do for you!

Need help with anything Google? Visit Google Help:

Google Calendar:

Google Presenter:

Google Spreadsheet:

Google Calendar

Any idea why we cannot get to google calendars from other programs?  I'm using iCal at home, and it doesn't find our server, or says that the CalDAV is not enabled.  Is this a setting we need to turn on?  I would use Google Calendar through the school if I can see it at home as well, otherwise I'll stick with or gmail account calendar.