Outlook Contacts & Calendar

Managing your Outlook Contacts and Calendar

Distribution Lists:

These lists can be used to send groups of contacts the same email at once.

  1. Click the small black arrow next to New.
  2. Name your list.
  3. Select members either using the Global contacts list or manually enter each contact and email address.
  4. Save your distribution list.

You can delete a list by clicking Contacts then click on the list and then click the X at the top to delete.

Calendar Events:

You can use the outlook calendar to schedule meetings, events or reminders.

Use the Calendar link on the left to view your calendar.

Views - You can view the calendar by Day, Week, Work Week or Month by clicking the buttons above the calendar.

Add Appointment

  1. Click New
  2. Add Subject and Location
  3. Add a Start and End time or choose All Day Event
  4. Set Reminders and Show As
  5. Add Recurrences for a recurring appointment
    1. Set Start & End time
    2. Choose Pattern
    3. Set Days
    4. Set Range
  6. Invite Attendees
    1. Click To
    2. Search for Attendees
  7. Add Attachments
  8. Flag for important
  9. Send

Accepting Meeting Requests

  1. When a meeting request has been sent it will appear in you inbox as an email.
  2. You can accept or decline the invitation.
  3. When you accept it will automatically schedule the appointment in your calendar.

Create New Calendar

  1. Click the small black arrow next to New
  2. Click Folder
  3. Name the new calendar
  4. Folder should contain Calendar Items
  5. Calendar should be highlighted in the bottom box