Think Central: Soar to Success

 Soar to Success is  a math intervention that interfaces with ThinkCentral. The program is organized around math skill areas (threads). Each thread contains a skill continuum that spans early level skills to prerequisite skills for upper-grade level content. Because intervention students may be one or more years behind their classmates in a particular skill area, Soar to Success has a diagnostic program that assesses what level in a skill thread a student should be place.

Soar to Success contains an easy-to-use teacher management systems and a student-friendly interface, all delivered online.

I will also cover some of the management options in ThinkCentral that allow you to give your students your math tests on the computer

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Video: What is Soar to Success

Directions: Soar to Success directions

 How to set up Soar to Success:

Viewing the student's view in Soar to Success:

Adding online tests: