Weekly Challenges

Summer Reading Weekly Challenges


Each weeks challenges will be posted here. Challenges will be posted sometime during the day on Monday of each week. There will only be 1 challenge posted weekly. You can complete the challenges in any order throughout the summer.


Week 1 - June 14-16

Check out a sport book for a sport that you have not played. Learn about it and then give it a try. Key Words: sports, sport names, games


Week 2 - June 21-23

Draw or take a picture of a plant or tree and then use a book or the internet to identify it. Use keywords: plants, forests, trees


Week 3 - June 28-30

Check out a cook book or find a recipe on the internet and make a new recipe with your parents. Then write a review of how it tasted or take a picture of it.

Use keywords: food, cooking, eating


Week 4 - July 12-14

Find a website or book to help you learn about water safety or swimming and then go for a dip in a pool, lake or river.

Use keywords: water safety, swimming, lake


Week 5 - July 19-21

Draw or take a picture of a wild animal then find a book or web page to learn and record some facts about it.

Use keywords: animals, wildlife, conservation


Week 6 - July 26-28

Check out a hiking or camping book and then take a hike in a local park or wooded area.

Use keywords: camping, hiking, parks


Week 7 - August 2-4

Pick up 10 pieces of trash around your neighborhood, park or school. This is the final week to check out books.

Use keywords: recycling, litter, pollution