Sartell High School Profile

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Our Community

Sartell is located in Central Minnesota along the banks of the Mississippi River, Sartell is a vibrant and growing community with a population of just over 15,876 residents.

Our School

Number of faculty              120                        
% with Master’s Degree       80%

Enrollment 9-12               1078
Senior Class                     249 
College Matriculation         89%

Our Achievements

Sartell High School programs, students and staff are frequently distinguished for their excellence.

ACT Scores          Sartell Average        23.8

                          State Average         23

                          National Average      20.9

Our Schedule

Under a block schedule, students attend four 83-89 minute blocks per day, five days per week. One exception is grade 10 Health and Physical Education, which meets every other day for one semester.  Semester courses are divided into A and B sections. Students must take both.

Block Schedule

Block 1       8:30 – 9:59

Block 2      10:05 – 11:34

Block 3      11:40 – 1:40

  Lunch A 11:34 – 12:04

  Lunch B 12:04 – 12:34

  Lunch B 12:34 - 1:04

 Block 4     1:46 – 3:15

Graduation Requirements

Students are required to earn 30 credits in the following subject areas:

English                              4 credits
Speech/Communication Arts ½ credit
Social Studies                    3 credits
Economics                         ½ credit
Math                                3½ credits
Science                            3 credits
Physical Education              1 credit
Health                              ½ credit
Art, Music or Theatre          1 credit

Students must meet state graduation guidelines to be eligible for graduation.  These differ by graduation year based on Minnesota State Legislation.  For more information visit the Minnesota Department of Education website.

 Credits and Grades

One credit is equivalent to one academic  year of study. One credit (120 Carnegie units) is given for successful completion of a semester class and ½ credit (60 Carnegie units) for successful completion of a quarter class.  Grades are recorded at the end of each quarter.  GPA and class rank are based on a 4.0 numerical equivalent of an “A.”  All courses are weighted equally.

GPA and class rank are based on quarter grades.  GPA is computed four times per year.  Class rank is computed in January and June of the each year.  Grades assigned that do not affect GPA include:

NC - No Credit


I - Incomplete

S - Satisfactory

P- Pass

Grading Scale

94% and above        A

90% - 93%             A-

87% - 89%             B+

83% - 86%             B

80% - 82%             B-

77% - 79%             C+

73% - 76%             C

70% - 72%             C-

67% - 69 %            D+

63% - 66%             D

60% - 62%             D-

below  60%             F

Explanation of Transcript

The official transcript displays the following information from left to right:
  • Course title/Credits earned/Credits to be earned/Grade during which course was taken
  • Total credits earned/GPA/class rank are displayed at the bottom of the transcript.

Rigor/Quality Electives

We offer many diverse elective classes in business, the arts, technology, world language, theatre, publications, and family and consumer science.

We offer many rigorous, college-preparation courses that are open to all students. In addition to high school credit, eligible juniors and seniors are able to earn college credit for a variety of courses.  Students earning college credit generate a transcript from the institution granting the credit.

*The following programs allow students to earn college credit for classes taken on the high school campus.

*Advanced Placement

Courses offered are AP Biology, AP Calculus, AP Chemistry, AP English, Literature & Composition, AP Geography, AP Psychology, AP Statistics 1, AP United States History and AP World History

*Discovery Academy

Students take courses and earn college credit through St. Cloud Technical & Community College.  Courses offered include: Automotive(AYES), Intro to Engineering Design, Principals of Engineering, Civil Engineering and Architecture.

*College Now

Students take courses and earn college credit through Southwest Minnesota State University.  Courses offered include: Art 100, College Algebra, College English, College Spanish 201 and 202 and College Speech.

*Senior to Sophomore Program

Students take courses and earn college credit through St. Cloud State University. Courses offered include: College Chemistry, College Geography, College German 201 & 202, Physics

Post Secondary Enrollment Option (PSEO)

PSEO is a state-wide program allowing students to earn college credit by taking courses at local colleges or universities.