Health Forms

If your child has a health condition (i.e. asthma, life-threatening allergy, diabetes, ADD/ADHD, etc.) that may require medication or monitoring/management in school, please contact the health assistant in your child's building.

It if is medically necessary to administer medication to your child at school (e.g. prescribed medication(s), inhaler, epinephrine injector, insulin, etc.) the health office must have written and signed medical orders from your child's physician renewed every year (this does not include reasons of convenience - i.e. a three times a day medication should be given before school, after school, and before bedtime - not during school hours).  Physician's orders are required on the "AUTHORIZATION FOR ADMINISTRATION OF MEDICATION" form.  Please ensure that the physician completes his/her section and signs, and that the medication container has a current prescription label attached.

Your child's health concern will also be posted on the Skyward "alert" section for associated staff, in case of an emergency.  Only staff who need this information and administrative office personnel have access to this information.  You may review the information posted in 'Skyward Family Access' under the 'Emergency Contacts/Alerts' section.  Please, inform the health assistant if you do not want this health concern made known to staff outside the health office.

*** If you child once had, however now no longer has, a specific health concern, you must provide the health office with signed physician's orders documenting the discontinuation of monitoring/management in school.

Below are a few Individual Health Plan (IHP) forms required for school: