Employment Information

The Sartell - St. Stephen School District employs over 450 full-and part-time employees and 150 substitutes in a variety of positions. The District has five bargaining groups that represent the employee population.

Substitute/Casual Rates as of February 1, 2015:

Substitute Teacher - Regular License: $16.00 per hour ($120/day maximum)
Substitute Teacher - Short Call License: $15.00 per hour ($112.50/day maximum)

Substitute SPED Paraprofessional:  $13.00 per hour
Substitute Food Service:  $11.50 per hour
Substitute Cleaner:  $12.00 per hour
Substitute Clerical: $13.00 per hour
Substitute Health Assistant: $15.00 per hour
Substitute Student Supervisor:  $11.00 per hour
Substitute Crossing Guard: $10.00 stipend per shift

Casual Grounds - Winter CDL, Class B:  $16.00 per hour
Casual Grounds - Winter, non-CDL:  $14.00 per hour
Casual Grounds - Summer: $9.50 per hour


To view a vacancy or apply for a position, please click on the "Vacancy Postings" link below.

If you need special assistance with any portion of the recruitment process due to a disability or language difficulty, please contact Human Resources at (320)656-3701 or email questions or concerns to:

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We do not accept paper applications/resumes.

An Equal Opportunity Employer