Academic Extensions

The Sartell – St. Stephen School District provides a variety of programs and activities to meet the needs of students who need increased academic rigor in curriculum and instruction. Teachers provide differentiated instruction to challenge these high-achieving students. Differentiation and programming tailored to extend academic challenge occurs within the general education classroom as well as through academic extensions, elementary pull-out programs and advanced course offerings in the upper middle grades and high school. To view an outline of the District 748 K-12 Academic Extensions Program, please click here.

Below, you will find links to our elementary and middle school academic extensions programs. If you have any questions, please contact:

Kim Killmer (Pine Meadow Elementary) (656-3701 ext. 4848)

Julie Hagen (Oak Ridge Elementary) (656-3701 ext 5204)

Lori Dornburg (Sartell Middle School) (656-3701 ext 2674)


Elementary Academic Extensions        Sartell Middle School Academic Extensions