Internet Safety Resources

Kids' Rules for Safety on the Internet

Students of all ages are enjoying the Internet, so it is crucial that parents and guardians be aware of the risks their children will face. The following suggestions are my recommendations for safety online. For more online safety information, for activities for practicing online safety with your child, and for contracts and guidelines please visit You may also request SafeKids information by calling 1-800-843-5678.

Sartell Elementary Media Specialists' Suggestions:
    ✓    Keep your computer in a central room of your home, such as a family room or kitchen.
    ✓    Require your children to ask your permission to go online - and do not allow them to go online when they're home alone.
    ✓    Give your child rules and expectations for using the Internet when visiting at friend's or relative's homes.
    ✓    Do not allow your child to fill out any forms or sign up for any contests without your permission and guidance.
    ✓    Allow email only through a child-friendly email provider. Do not give your child a Hotmail or Excite mail account.
    ✓    Observe the sites your child visits.
    ✓    Go over the Internet safety rules at together.
    ✓    Monitor closely your child's use of Facebook and other social networking sites (I would hesitate to allow young children to visit these sites at all).

Websites for learning more about Internet Safety:

AT&T Safety Land:
Yahoo's Safely:
NetSmartz Kids:

For more information, or with specific questions, please contact your child's media specialist.

Kim Hess, Pine Meadow Media Specialist
Paul Moe, Oak Ridge Medai Specialist