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Reading Resources

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Subject Resources

a Sparky's Fire Safety

Learn about fire safety from Sparky and his friends...

a AAA Math

A set of interactive math lessons with lots of time for practice!

a Into the Book

A reading comprehension resource for K-4 students and teachers.

a Widgets

Make your own Widgets!

a Sheppard Software Math

Online math games where students can play against other children.

a Tumblebooks

Animated picture books online.

a PBS Kids

Play educational games based on your favorite characters from PBS shows.

a Alien Word Mine

An arcade game that teaches you about nouns, verbs, adjectives and other parts of speech.

a Punctuation Paintball

Practice your punctuation skills in this fast-paced game!

a Cut Your Own Snowflakes

Cut beautiful snowflakes and save them in the gallery!