Subject Resources

a Counting up to 10

Count the number of objects on the card and match it to that number.

a Connect the Dots - Count by 2's

Count by 2's and connect the dots.

a Connect the Dots - Count by 5's

Count by 5's and connect the dots.

a Comparing Number - Dive for the Treasure

Guess which number is greater to work your way to the treasure.

a Learn to Count

Learn to count objects in groups.

a Number Cracker - Missing Number

Type in the missing number!

a Count the Animals

Count the number of each animal you see. Use the graph at the bottom to help you count.

a Adding Bricks

Add each pile of bricks to see how many there are all together.

a Seashell Adding

Spend a day at the beach adding numbers to collect sea shells.

a What Time Is It?

Click on the digital clock that matches the analog clock.