Subject Resources

a I Spy Puzzle

Find hidden objects in the library.

a I Spy Puzzles

Find hidden objects in a toy city.

a Up, Down and All Around

Learn to follow directions by dragging items and dropping them in different places.

a Alphabet Goop

Learn your letters by matching pictures to a beginning letter sound.

a Bees & Honey

Learn to use the mouse by pointing, clicking and dragging to help the bees make honey.

a Kinderweb

Educational games for young children.

a Open Your Ears!

Play different music games to learn new instruments and make songs of your own.

a Subtraction Bowling

Subtract numbers to get a strike.

a Ladybug Subtraction

Practice basic subtraction with ladybugs.

a Monkey Math

Help the monkey save the apples while practicing addition, subtraction, multiplication or division.