District Internet Safety Resources

Common Sense Media 

Common Sense Media is a non-partisan, nonprofit resource that helps families and educators teach kids how to be safe and smart in today's media-driven world. Common Sense Schools provides materials to engage parents and teachers in an interactive dialogue about media and technology. Click Here


NetSmartz Workshop 

Keeping Kids and Teens Safer on the Internet. This website lets you select a wide-range of issues from blogging, chatting, sharing files, web cams, I.D. theft and much more. It provides discussion starters for a classroom or at home setting to discuss with Children. Click Here


Stop Bullying (Cyber Bullying)

National website created for students, teachers, and parents by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.  Cyberbullying happens when kids bully each other through electronic technology. Find out why cyberbullying is different from traditional bullying, what you can do to prevent it, and how you can report it when it happens. Click Here


Bullying Prevention App

 Research shows that parents and caregivers who spend at least 15 minutes a day talking with their child can build the foundation for a strong relationship and help prevent bullying.

The time you spend will help boost your children’s confidence and build effective strategies for facing bullying—whether children are being bullied, engaging in bullying, or witnessing bullying. Click Here