School Information

School Highlights

Oak Ridge Elementary School takes pride in working with families to help their children develop a love for learning that can last a lifetime. Oak Ridge Elementary School offers an emphasis on reading/language arts, mathematics, and activity-based learning.

Oak Ridge has an active and supportive group of parents.  Parents can volunteer to work at the school or can help with a variety of activities taking place during the course of the school year.


Oak Ridge Elementary is the newest school in the Sartell-St. Stephen School District completed in fall, 2004. The 750 pupil facility currently accommodates kindergarten through 4th grades. The beautiful school has an oversized gym, air-conditioned media center and three “Houses” which help contribute to a smaller school feel. The Red, Purple, and Green Houses each have 11-12 classrooms. A computer lab in the media center offers excellent opportunity to work on keyboarding, computer literacy and school work requiring access to the internet or computer software.


In addition to work in individual classrooms, students and staff can use larger group areas called Kivas located in each “House.” Performances, demonstrations and group activities take place in the Kivas allowing one or more classes to participate together. Teachers also use the Kivas for smaller group instruction when students can benefit from working outside of their classroom with the teacher, volunteer or paraprofessional staff on specialized training projects or learning.

Oak Ridge offers all of the traditional educational options for students but also is a state-of-the-art facility helping to prepare students for years to come.


The media center at Oak Ridge Elementary is an exceptional facility providing opportunities for media instruction as well as access to numerous hard copy books and resource materials. A full-time instructional technology specialist and a media assistant help children in the media center promote understanding of computers, multimedia and access to information.

Curriculum and Services

Oak Ridge Elementary students benefit from the services of a school social worker, health assistant, special education teachers, and an Academic Extensions teacher. Students’ needs are met in a variety of programs specific to individual academic, social, emotional or physical needs.

Reading and language arts are a primary focus for students at Oak Ridge Elementary School. Math, science, social studies as well as fine arts are integral to the elementary school program.

Elementary Assessment Calendar

Reporting to parents 

Student progress is reported to parents through report cards delivered to parents three times each year. Parent-teacher conferences are held two times each year. Parents may request special conferences by contacting their child’s teacher and/or principal.