Optional Student Insurance Information

The Sartell-St Stephen School District works hard to provide a safe environment for our students, but accidents do happen. Even normal things like playing on the playground can hold injury potential. The district does not provide insurance for accidents. As a service to our students and their families, the district offers the opportunity to purchase low-cost student accident insurance at a nominal cost.

This insurance can help with large deductibles and co-pays under family health insurance or provide primary coverage for accidents if other health insurance is not available. School-Time accident insurance protection covers students while they participate in or attend activities that are organized, sponsored and supervised by the school, including athletics. Football is excluded from the policy, but coverage for football can be purchased separately. Please see the benefit coverage brochure for a full list of exclusions. The School-Time accident insurance option covers all school-sponsored and supervised activities and time spent in school.

There is another option to provide 24-hour coverage. The 24-hour option covers students through an entire calendar year, including summer, whether they are at school or not. Special coverage for football players is also available, which covers a student from the start of summer practice through the end of the season. The athletic insurance policy provides benefits for medical expenses incurred through sports participation. If you have other insurance, the benefits will be applied to your deductible or co-pay. The coverage is not automatic – students must complete an enrollment application form.  Gerber Life Insurance Company is the carrier. Insurance information, costs, benefit coverage and applications is available below on the district website.

Insurance information, costs, benefit coverage and applications is available at: www.k12specialmarkets.com