Our Philosophy and Curriculum

Our Purpose

The purpose of our preschool program is to prepare children to enter kindergarten.

It is a priority of our preschool program to involve parents in their child’s learning and education. Involving families early encourages parents to play a more active role throughout their child’s education.

It is the you, the parent(s) that play a critical role in preparing your child for success with the assistance of the school; not the role of school with the assistance of parents.

Our Philosophy

We believe parents are the first and most important teacher in a child’s life.

We use:

  • play based, hands-on learning approach in our center
  • Creative Curriculum for lessons
  • Teaching Strategies Gold for assessments

These two programs work together to create an authentic assessment model that allows teachers to document growth and development on their students while they are busy working and playing in the classroom and use that information to develop lessons suited to each child's ability.

We do not teach through worksheets and projects that can always be put in a folder to come home so daily activities and student work are often shared through Schoology; our main form of communication. 

Three Year Old Program

Social skills are developed by 

  • working together and playing with friends
  • following directions
  • building of the child's self concept

Pre-Literacy skills are developed

  • through a love of books
  • exposure to rich language and letter sounds
  • read and idendifying their names
  • exploring letters through playdough, sand, magnets and other sensory items

Students will develop skills 

  • explore
  • ask questions
  • create predictions
  • solve problems

Daily motor time allows development of gross and fine motor skills.

Four Year Old Program

Social skills are developed by

  • negotiating with their friends

  • taking turns
  • asking for help
  • following rules

Pre-Liteacy skills build on

  • letter sounds 
  • letter names
  • rhyming
  • alliteration
  • Building muscles and correct pencil holds are the focus before actual letter writing

Daily motor time in the gym, outside or SMART course help build fine and gross motor skills needed for writing and staying on task in the classroom.