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What is Title 1?

Title 1 is a federally funded program that provides assistance to Pine Meadow, Oak Ridge, and St. Francis Elementary Schools.  This program helps meet the current educational needs of children in grades K-3. The purpose of the Title 1 program is to provide children with educational opportunities that promote development by helping them succeed in the regular classroom, work toward attaining grade level proficiency in reading, and improve achievement in basic skills. 
What is the primary purpose of Title 1?

The purpose of Title 1 instruction is to help the student experience success in the classroom. We recognize the importance of PARTNERSHIP between student, home, and school to achieve this GOAL.
Who provides Title 1 instructional support?

Title 1 instructional support is provided by certified teachers. They typically work with students in small groups for approximately 15-30 minutes. They work with students either in the classroom or in a resource room.
Do Title 1 students miss regular reading instruction?

No, they do not miss regular reading instruction. Title 1 support is in addition to, not in place of, what the classroom teacher regularly teaches. Students receive Title I services at times other than their direct reading instruction time.
How long is a student in the program?

This depends upon the student's rate of progress. There is no set period of time to be in the program. A student remains in the program until he or she can perform independently at his or her grade level. Once this happens, the student will no longer receive Title 1 services. This
change can take place at any time during the school year.
How can you participate in Title 1?

You can do the following:
· attend fall and winter conferences 
· attend Title 1 family nights
· communicate with classroom and Title 1 teacher with questions and/or concerns
· read to/with your child every day