New Accountability System Released

The Minnesota Department of Education released its Multiple Measurement Ratings (MMR) for schools in Minnesota.  This system replaces the past progress system of the No Child Left Behind Law, for which Minnesota has obtained a waiver.  The MMR gauges school performance in four areas:

  1. Proficiency - Did the school meet its performance target?
  2. Individual Student growth - Did individual students meet their growth
    target? Put more simply, are students making expected progress?
  3. Closing the Achievement Gap - Did the school make progress closing its overall achievement gaps?
  4. Graduation Rate - In the case of high schools, did the school increase its graduation rate?
Calculating the School Score

The MMR scores that were just released use test data from the 2009-2010 and 2010-2011 academic years, which provides a starting rating for district schools using the new measurement.  The next MMRs, which include the 2011-2012 test data, will be released in August 2012.    The district saw substantial improvements in scores in the 10-11 school year.  This was due to specific interventions, data-driven decision making, and strategic focus.
Initial Observations About the Scores

"We are very proud of our achievement and how our staff has adjusted in learning the dynamics of our internal and state accountability systems.  Our aim is consistent with the values of our community; High achievement through outstanding instruction held within a base of rich and broad learning experiences for our students. Our use of data to inform our progress and needs of increased focus has been observed throughout our buildings and departments more than ever and is a marker of our commitment to continuous improvement," shared Dr. Joe Hill, Superintendent.  
Each school will work with the data to find areas of strength and opportunity. The data will drive continued improvements in the classroom for student learning opportunities.  For more information and specific details, please visit the Minnesota Department of Education website or contact your building principal.