Sartell-St. Stephen School District and City of Sartell Discuss Planned Road Improvements for Future School Site

The City of Sartell has planned to make improvements to Pinecone Road north to 35th Street North and to 27th Street North from County Road 1 to Pinecone Road.  The City and the Sartell-St. Stephen School District have been in constant communication about these improvements because of the impact on our two elementary schools, Pine Meadow and Oak Ridge, as well as the intersection on 7th Street which leads to our Middle School and High School. 

In early 2015, the District embarked on an extensive facilities study to determine how to handle space issues in all of our school buildings.  At that time, both parties determined it would be best to hold off on improving Pinecone Road north of 7th Street, and also on 27th Street, until the future of the District facilities was determined. 

With last week's School Board vote for a Bond Referendum for a new High School at Pinecone Road and 35th Street North, the City will determine final scope and timing of improvements to Pinecone Road and 27th Street in coordination with the School’s construction timing.  The City and District will continue to work together to ensure that the improvements to Pinecone Road and 27th Street fit within the City's plan as well as meet the needs for the traffic flow of a new high school.

The City and the School District have many common interests and will continue to work together to make our area a great place to live.