School Board Communication and Information

Communicating with the School Board

E-mail:  The District maintains a group email address for the School Board to easily facilitate constituent communication. If you wish to communicate with the entire School Board, please click the button below. All Board members will receive your correspondence.


Phone:  Individual board members' phone numbers are listed below:

Lesa Kramer, Director

Jason Nies, Vice Chair

Mary McCabe, Director

Michelle Meyer, Chair

Pam Raden, Clerk

Patrick Marushin, Treasurer

By US Mail or Fax:  
Questions or comments for the School Board can be mailed or to the address below:  
School Board 
ISD 748
                                  Sartell-St. Stephen School District
                                  212 3rd Ave N.
                                  Sartell, MN 56377

                                  Or faxed to: 320-656-3765

The Communication Process

The Board of Education is the policy-making body for Sartell-St. Stephen School District. While the Board is responsible for school programs and operations by law, it delegates authority for the day-to-day operation of the District to the Superintendent of Schools.

Questions related to operational or management issues are best directed to the school personnel or District Office personnel closest to the area of concern. Classroom issues should first be directed to the classroom teacher. School issues should first be directed to the school principal. District issues should be directed to the administrator responsible for the program or service involved. If the first-level of communication does not resolve the issue, the immediate supervisor, principal or Superintendent should be the next contact. Administrators in the District take pride in being very available to students, parents and community members. 

How to work with us to address your concerns and solve problems

1. Share your concerns with the person most directly involved (i.e., the classroom teacher, the coach, etc.) Many times the concern may be the result of misinformation or miscommunication.

2. If your concern is not resolved, then bring your concerns to the building principal or appropriate supervisor.
3. If there is still an issue, you may direct your concerns to the appropriate administrator or the superintendent.
4. If you have followed the above steps and feel that your concerns have not been addressed then you may bring your concern to the School Board.