School Board Listens to Committee Proposal

The Sartell-St. Stephen School Board listened while members of the Community Schools Planning Committee presented their work after almost nine months of committee work in delving into data, district needs and learning outcomes and opportunities for students.  The committee determined that more space and facility updates are needed within the district to accommodate for continued growth in the district, the needs of our learners in the 21st century and continuing to provide high-quality opportunities for all learners.  The final proposal by the committee includes a ten to fifteen year facilities plan that includes the building of a new high school, which will accommodate future 9-12 graders to all be in the same facility, which wouldn’t be possible in the current high school facilities, as is, because of the size of the future classes and the capacity of the current high school facility.  This plan will also allow for more space within all of the current district facilities to provide more flexibility, ideal learning conditions and building on the opportunities already provided to students and community members.

The Board recognized the countless numbers of hours that the committee invested into the process.  Over 100 community and staff members; including city officials, parents, business members, senior citizens and alumni; alongside district officials, held nine four-hour meetings.  These meetings explored topics that included tours of the current facilities, examining current enrollment numbers and reviewing enrollment projections, determining future facilities needs in alignment with community values and determining the best configurations to meet the needs of the entire community.  The Board thanked the committee for their thorough work, thoughtfulness and commitment throughout the process and will now further review the plan alongside additional information and opportunities for input.

“The process we went through in determining the needs of facilities for the district was extensive and comprehensive,” shared Jeremy Snoberger, a parent and member of the Community Schools Planning Committee.  “There are so many variables to consider while planning for facilities for the next ten to fifteen years, and hopefully being thoughtful, even beyond that.  We came up with one plan, a plan we feel provides our district with the best value.  There are sure to be some things that will change and be improved to the initial proposal with even more insight and information.”

“The amount of time, thought, effort and collaboration that went into this plan is truly amazing.  Our communities really care about our schools and the learning opportunities afforded by the district,” Board Chair, Krista Durrwachter, commented.  “Now, we need to take this plan and align it with the community, educational and financial impacts alongside opportunities of partnership and collaboration.”

Click here to view a video of the presentation.

There will be a School Board Work Session on Wednesday, December 2, at 5:30 PM at the District Service Center, to further explore and discuss the next steps in the process.