School Board Questions and Answers

Q: Who serves on the school board?    
A: The board is made up of six people elected at large to four-year terms. School board elections are held on the second Tuesday in November.    

Q: What is the board’s role?   
A: The board’s role is to provide leadership and establish policy for the school district. The board sets the district goals, determines the curriculum and allocates resources to meet its objectives. The board is accountable to the State of Minnesota and the people of the Sartell-St. Stephen School District. Board members are also responsible for providing oversight to make sure that students are achieving at high levels and that public resources are being effectively and efficiently managed.   
Q: When and where does the board meet?   
A: Regular board meetings are generally scheduled on the third Monday of each month at 6:00 p.m. During the months June, July and August  meetings will begin at 5:00 p.m. All meetings will be held in the Board Room at the District Office, 212 3rd Ave. N. Sartell. Board study sessions and work sessions are also typically held at the District Office.  Occasionally, meeting times and places are adjusted for special purposes or because of time conflicts due to holidays, events or activities.   
Q: Are board meetings open to the public?   
A: The public is invited to attend board meetings at any time.    
Q: What takes place at a board meeting?   
A: A typical board meeting agenda includes: Call to Order, approval of agenda, consent agenda (routine business items including minutes, donations and resignations), open forum (citizen input opportunity), board and administrative reports, personnel (including employment, staffing, leaves and compensation), action and discussion items (for information or that may require action), and policy issues.   
Q: Where can I see the agenda for the board meetings?    
A: The board agenda and past meeting minutes can be viewed here.
Q: Does the board offer an opportunity for public comment?   
A: Yes.  There is an open forum scheduled during each board meeting for opportunities to listen to community input
Board Policy 206 provides more detail about the public’s right to an opportunity to be heard and to have concerns considered and evaluated by the school board, within the limits of the law.   
Q: Is the school board where I should begin to share issues?   
A: It is best to begin to share issues at the school or department level. If not satisfied, continue to seek help through the building principal, supervisor, or finally, the superintendent. The board will address the complaint if no solution has been reached through these channels first.   
Q: How is policy developed and reviewed?   
A: A board committee meets continually with the superintendent and other administrators to update, develop and review policy as recommended through the administration. Policy is approved after two review and comment opportunities by the entire school board at their regular meetings. If policy is to be reviewed at a board meeting, it is included on the agenda in advance of the meeting.   
Q: Do I have access to board policies?   
A: Board Policy is public information. You can view copies of school board policies on the website: or at the District Office.