School Board to Vote on Proposed 13-14 Calendar

The Sartell-St. Stephen School board will vote on a proposed calendar for the 2013-2014 academic year.  After collecting input and reviewing calendars and data, the District Calendar Committee has recommended a five-day break in the Spring that will take place the last week in March, and adding two additional days to accommodate for longer weekends in February and April.  Dr. Hill, superintendent of Sartell-St. Stephen Schools, will be recommending moving forward with this calendar at the April 15th Board meeting, which will be held at St. Stephen City Hall, starting at 6:00 p.m.

A District Calendar Committee was created at the request of the Board and included parents, staff and administrators.  The committee supported the development of the online survey, reviewed multiple data points that included the survey feedback, student attendance data and survey information from Student Voice, a high school group that collected feedback from students in grades nine through twelve.   Over 1,700 people responded to the online survey.  The results of the survey and the proposed calendar can be viewed on the district website under the school board segment in the April Board packet

In looking through the data and aligning the number of required student contact days and national holidays, the committee determined the 13-14 calendar best supported a five-day break in the Spring with an added day in February and April to support extended holiday breaks.  The committee recommended the additional days in February and April because the addition of the five day break in 13-14 meant students would need to return for a single day of school on a Monday at the end of the year.  The recommended calendar has students starting school on September 3, 2013 and finishing on June 4, 2014.