Spanish I


Study Skills


Week 1 (April 2-5)

Wrapping up chapter 3: reviewing asking and answering questions, restaurant-foods-drinks vocab, SKIT on WED. APRIL 4 (30 points HW grade), watch episode 3 of Cuarto Misterioso, starting chapter 4 with family vocab. NEW THIS QUARTER: daily particpation scores (self-evaluated)... they will be recorded in the HW part of their grade. Ask your son/daughter about it!

Week 2 (April 9-13)

Continued work in chapter 4 practices with family vocabulary, review of conjugating, possessive adjectives, using the verb ser with adjetives to describe people physically and their personality. FAMILY VOCAB. QUIZ THUR. APRIL 12th. 15 points!

Week 3 (April 16-20)

Continued work in chapter 4: practices to describe family members physically and personality, how to talk about liking activities, using the verb estar with new state of being adjectives, choosing between using ser or estar, begin reading our chapter book "La Familia Miranda" in class, introduction to final chapter assessment test grade, presenting/describing family members using GooglePresentation (powerpoint). 25 point HW assignment Monday, due Tuesday. Ch. 4 final presenations will be given early next week.

Week 4 (April 23-27)

Stations activities to review all of chapter 4, Family Presentation due Tuesday/Wednesday April 24-25... 60 point test grade!!!!, viewing of episode 4 Cuarto Misterioso, continued reading in La Familia Miranda (chapters 4-6), Starting chapter 5 on Thursday... electronics vocabulary, boot/stem-changing verbs.

Week 5 (April 30 - May 4)

Continued work in chapter 3 High #s quiz Monday April 30th (10 points), day and date, months, seasons, weather in each season, boot verbs and direct object pronouns. Continued reading in La Familia Miranda, learn about Cinco de Mayo on Friday! Weather poster due Friday May 4th! Chapter 5 test next Wednesday May 9th (about 60 points).

Week 6 (May 7-11)

Wrapping up chapter 5. Ch. 5 test Wed. May 9th, 61 points, finishing up reading La Familia Miranda (15 point comprehension guide will be turned in), watching episode 5 of Cuarto Misterioso, ch. 5 skit preparation. Skits presented on Friday, May 11th (50 point HW score).

Week 7 (May 14-18)

My apologies for the late post this week. We have been working in chapter 6 this week (house vocabulary and continued work with boot verbs). We have also started reading our second chapter book "El Viaje a Guatemala", the sequel to "La Familia Miranda." CH. 6 quiz Friday May 18th, 30 points. House presentations due Monday May 21st  (They will be presented Monday and Tuesday of next week. MUST HAVE DRAWING HERE TO DO PRESENTATION OR IT WILL BE A ZERO!!!  50 POINT TEST SCORE)  WRITTEN FINAL EXAM WILL BE NEXT THURSDAY, MAY 24TH!!!! Students will receive the review packet information on Friday, May 18th!

Week 8 (May 21-25)

House presentations Monday and Tuesday (test score), practices with tener expressions, reviewing for final exam. Review packet A due Tuesday, review packet B due Wednesday. Written Final Exam Thursday May 24th! Continued reading in "Viaje a Guatemala" and continued viewing of Cuarto Misterioso. Begin working on speaking final (skit), presented Wednesday/Thursday of next week!