Spanish II


Study skills

What we're doing/upcoming dates!

Week 1 (Nov. 8 - 11)  Review of preterite from last week (regular -AR, Yo group, regular -ER/-IR), adding in dar/ver, Hot Dog group, ser/ir and Screaming I's group. Technology vocabulary, Words commonly used with the preterite, affirmative and negative expressions. Started our new chapter book, Los Secretos de la Familia. Journals on Thursday. Work on skits, will present them FRIDAY NOV. 11th! (50 point HW grade)

Week 2 (Nov. 14-18) Finish up learning preterite irregular verbs Monday/Tuesday. Putting direct and indirect object pronouns together in a sentence, continued reading in Secretos de la Familia, working on PRETERITE WRITING ASSESSMENT (Risos de Oro y los Tres Osos- Goldilocks and the Three Bears), DUE MONDAY NOV. 21st! (TEST SCORE). Next quiz is Wednesday, Nov. 23rd! (preterite and double object pronouns)

Week 3 (Nov. 21-23) Risos de Oro project due Monday, Nov. 23rd. Continued work in Secretos de Familia and viewing of El Cuarto Misterioso. Reviewing of double object pronouns and all preterite verb forms. QUIZ WED. NOV. 23rd!

Week 4 (Nov. 28-Dec. 2) Review of projects and quiz, review of preterite tense, begin learning the imperfect tense- both regular and irregular forms, childhood vocabulary, zoo/farm and amusement park vocabulary. Christmas traditions in Spanish-speaking countries will be introduced and continued throughout the month of December. Continued reading in Secretos de Familia as well as viewing of El Cuarto Misterioso. QUIZ NEXT TUESDAY or THURSDAY, DEC. 6 or 8th!

Week 5 (Dec. 5-9) Amusement park vocabulary, continued work with the uses of the imperfect tense, the uses of the preterite tense, choosing between the 2 past tenses- when to use each one and how do you know?, continued reading in Secretos de Familia, continued viewing of Cuarto Misterioso, Journal on Thursday, QUIZ on THURSDAY DEC. 8 (30 points- vocabulary and conjugating in the imperfect), Christmas activities to learn about traditions in the Spanish-speaking world.

Week 6 (Dec. 12-16) Christmas traditions jigsaw activity, partner project writing a children's story using both past tenses together (DUE THURSDAY DEC. 15th... 50 points, HW score), continued reading in Secretos de la Familia and continued viewing of Cuarto Misterioso, continued practices with the 2 past tenses, new vocabulary (foods), 2 extra credit opportunities due by Friday, Dec. 16th. CHAPTER TEST next WEDNESDAY, DEC. 21st. Extra credit quiz on Christmas traditions/vocabulary Thursday, Dec. 22nd (10 points possible)

Week 7 (Dec. 19-22) Reviewing vocabulary from this chapter (childhood, farm, zoo, amusement park, foods), continued practicing with preterite and imperfect, continued practice with using ser/ester. CHAPTER TEST WED. DEC. 21st (58 points)!!!! XC quiz on Christmas traditions in Spanish-speaking countries THURSDAY DEC. 22nd (10 points possible XC), finsh reading Secretos de Familia, continued viewing of Cuarto Misterioso.  OVER BREAK: Begin reviewing all vocabulary and verbs/grammar learned this semester! Cumulative final exam week of Jan. 17th!!!!

Week 8 (Jan. 3-6) Review preterite/imperfect uses, learn bathroom vocabulary and reflexive verbs, continued viewing of Cuarto Misterioso, journal writing on Thursday, learn body parts vocabulary and verbs like gustar on Friday. CUMULATIVE WRITTEN FINAL EXAM ON FRIDAY JANUARY 13!!!!!! Review materials available on Friday, Jan. 6 to help students prepare for the final. Many optional extra practices will be available on the side counter of the classroom. On Friday, Jan. 6 students will receive a review sheet with information about EVERY section of the written final.

Week 9 (Jan. 9-13) body parts project, continued practice and review of vocabulary and grammar concepts learned last week, review activities for cumulative written final exam. Continued viewing of Cuarto Misterioso. CUMULATIVE WRITTEN FINAL EXAM ON FRIDAY JANUARY 13!!!!!!   No school Monday, Januuary 16- Martin Luther King, Jr. Day.

Week 10 (Jan. 17-20) Preparation for final speaking assessment (partner skit), viewing of last 2 episodes of Cuarto Misterioso. SKEAKING FINAL ASSESSMENT given on THURSDAY AND FRIDAY, JANUARY 19 & 20!