Spanish III


Study Skills

What we're doing/upcoming dates!

Week 1 (April 4-8) Reading short story "Una Carta a Dios" and writing an essay about it (DUE MONDAY, APRIL 11th). Working in chapter 2 with family vocabulary, affirmative and negative expressions, review of present progressive verb tense. QUIZ late next week. Likely will also do a skit.

Week 2 (April 11-15) Una Carta a Dios essay due Monday. Continued work in chapter 2 this week... family vocabulary, afirmative and negative expressions, reflexive pronouns and how to conjugate them, impersonal "se", review of direct and indirect object pronouns, using double object pronouns, review of informal commands. CH. 2 QUIZ MONDAY, APRIL 18th... about 50 points. SKIT NEXT WEEK, HW grade!

Week 3 (April 18-21) Preparing and presenting skits (50 points in the HW part of their grade), Ch. 2 test on Wednesday, Thursday spontaneous speeches, watching 3rd segment of Selena, writing in journals, and intro. to chapter 3 vocabulary.

Week 4 (April 25-29) Begin chapter 3 with newspaper and news vocabulary, review of preterite and imperfect (uses and conjugating), spontaneous speeches on Thursday, journals on Friday. CHAPTER 3 ASSESSMENTS INCLUDE A NEWSCAST SKIT and a POP QUIZ covering BOTH SECTIONS OF VOCABULARY!

Week 5 (May 2-6) 2 episodes of EXTRA this week, no journals this week. Pop quiz this week on chapter 3 vocabulary (2 groups). Working on skits (will present Friday and next Monday). Cinco de Mayo on Thursday!

Week 6 (May 9-13) Continuing to view episodes of EXTRA this week, reading the short story Juan Bobo (TEST FRIDAY, MAY 13th!... 30 points). Begin working with new vocabulary from chapters 4 and 5 (practices are on the conjuguemos website). Spontaneous speeches Thursday. Continued work with the movie Selena.

Week 7 (May 16-20) I apologize for not getting this posted earlier. This week we worked on friendship vocabulary from chapters 4 and 5, the position of adjectives and how that changes the meaning of 8 adjectives, as well as learning the future tense. Friday is the QUIZ for chapters 4-5 (30 points). We also continued watching Selena and wrote the last journal for the quarter. The final eskit (SPEAKING PART OF THE FINAL EXAM, 100 points- DUE IN CLASS TUESDAY, MAY 31st!) was introduced and they started working on them. They also received review sheets for the WRITTEN FINAL EXAM (162 points, FRIDAY, MAY 27th!)

Week 8 (May 23-27) Monday and Tuesday are work days for the final eskits. Wednesday we finish Selena and go to the labs for individualized studying for the written final. Thursday will be a review day for the written final. WRITTEN FINAL EXAM is FRIDAY, May 27th!

Week 9 (May 31-June 2) Students will present their final skits (SPEAKING PART OF FINAL EXAM!)