Staff Directory

Namesort icon Grade Subject Building EXT
Lathe Holly K-4 Music PME 4109 email
Laudenbach Beth Kindergarten PME 4855 email
Lewis Jessica 7 Language Arts SMS 2447 email
Lindbloom Lisa SMS 2501 email
Listerud Melinda Special Education ORE 5400 email
Lumley David 8-12 Band SMS/SHS 3121 email
Lynk Kip K-4 Principal ORE email
Lyon Corinne Kindergarten ORE 5319 email
Maas Theresa Special Education DSC email
Madrigal Jen 9-12 Spanish SHS 3204 email
Magnuson Christopher 3 PME 4874 email
Mahowald Jen 6 Math SMS 2806 email
Mancini Stacy K-4 Music ORE 5213 email
Marcussen Natalie Social Worker SMS 2144 email
Martin Katie 6 Math, Social Studies SMS 2803 email
Martinson Darrin 5-8 Band SMS 2798 email
Mathiasen Mari 6 Math SMS 2805 email
Maurer Mike 8 Global Studies SMS 2408 email
McDonald Sharon K-4 Special Education PME 4864 email
McSorley Angela 8 Science SMS 2302 email
Mersbergen Chelsey 5-8 Spanish SMS 2420 email
Meyer Noel Guidance Office SHS 3410 email
Meyer Emily Spanish SHS 3285 email
Miller Luke 5-8 Industrial Technology Education SMS 2672 email
Miller David Social Studies SHS 3143 email
Misterman Melissa Special Education SMS 2406 email
Mitzel Emily Kindergarten ORE 5315 email
Moe Paul Instructional Technology Specialist ORE 5211 email
Moe Amy Instructional Technology Specialist PME 4110 email
Monahan Rebecca Kindergarten ORE 5316 email
Mortensen Jesse Special Education ORE 5501 email
Murphy Jill Special Education Coordinator DSC 1104 email
Nelson Michelle DSC 1133 email
Nelson Alex 9-12 Special Education SHS 3321 email
Nelson Kay Director of Learning Services DSC email
Nelson Michele English SHS 3231 email
Nelson Sara K-4 Principal PME email
Nemanich Kris Early Childhood Special Education Early Childhood Special Education DSC 1234 email
Nemanich Jerome 9-12 Math SHS 3115 email
Nies Erin 1 ORE 5403 email
Nord Beth Title 1 Reading ORE 5105 email
Nordby Laura 4 ORE 5504 email
Nordhues Brandon 9-12 Choir-Men's Choir, Donne Voce, Concert Choir SHS 3121 email
Notsch Rob 9-12 College Chemistry; AP Chemistry SHS 3119 email
Nyblom Midge K-4 Communication Disorders PME 4102 email
Nystrom Kelly Special Education SMS 2435 email
O'Brien Kris Community Education Director of Community Education DSC email
Oistad Marcus 9-12 Social Studies SHS 3101 email
Olmschenk Jesse 1 PME 4849 email
Olson Dave 5 Social Studies & Science SMS 2824 email