Greetings and welcome to another school year! My name is Helen Wilfehrt and I teach Physical Education and Health at Sartell Middle School. This is my 14th year teaching in the Sartell School District. I completed my undergraduate at St. Cloud State University and my Master's Degree from St. Mary's University.
My goal as a Physical Educator is to provide physical activities for students challenging them to continue being active throughout the rest of their lives. When a student achieves fitness goals or overcomes physical obstacles, it gives me great gratitude. As a Health Educator, I enjoy observing their decision making skills and watching their self confidence grow as they become more secure as to who they are as a person. By helping  students understand success in life, it incorporates both Health and Physical Education.
We all know the benefit of physical activity greatly out-weighs any argument in which it is against. Young people who are active on a regular basis traditionally have a higher rate of success in life.  If anything, physical activity helps an individual FEEL better about themselves, resulting in a more positive self-image.  I'm excited to work with each student helping him or her achieve success, not only in my class, but in life.
Please feel free to contact me anytime!