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Let's Go Sabres!


A little about me...

I've been a Sartell resident for almost all of my life. Which means that yes I am a graduate of Sartell and yes I'm now teaching at the same school that I graduated from...and I've truly enjoyed it. I did venture outside of Central MN for college graduating from Bethel University... I also just celebrated my 1 year anniversary to my beautiful wife who is also a proud graduate of Sabre nation and we are now expecting our first child in January. We are both incredibly excited and no we do not know if it's a boy or girl and do not plan to find out. Yes that might make it difficult on what clothes to buy and how to decorate but we are looking forward to being surprised. My family is very important to me and I have two younger sisters, one living in Nashville and the other is a student at a small college in Arizona. I am a monstrous sports fan (big just didn't describe it) and love watching the Twins, Vikings and Gophers. My wife ,might argue that I might be to big of a fan but that's up for another discussion. I like being involved at school and currently coach volleyball, basketball, and tennis. Some of my hobbies include...playing sports, golfing, and spending time with family and friends. This is everything and more that you'll ever need to know about me. Thank you for reading and I'm excited to get to know and learn about your students as the year progresses.