Welcome to Sartell Physical Education

"I can accept failure. Everyone fails at something. But I can't accept not trying."

- Michael Jordan

Hello and welcome! I'm Rachel Breitkreutz.  I teach Physical Education at Sartell High School.  My primary classes are 9th Grade Physical Education, Aerobics & Walking, and Body Toning.  Each of these classes offer a large variety of activities that help to strengthen, build, and improve the wellness of each of my students. 

Being active is very important to me.  It not only affects my physical health but my mental and emotional health.  This is also true for my students.  My goal is for each one of my students to develop an appreciation for exercise and be aware of the positive effects it can have on their bodies and minds.

I love being active in many different ways.  I run, play tennis, and swim, as well as hike, walk my dogs, and chase my 3 young children around on a daily basis.  It keeps me busy but I enjoy it.  When I want to relax I enjoy watching a good movie, reading articles on health and wellness, and engaging in good conversation with a friend or family member.  

I'm excited to start another school year and make a positive impact in my students' lives.  I'm ready deliver engaging content to my students while supplying them each with a chance to set a goal, work hard for it, achieve it, and feel they will be ready for anything in life, whether that be a 5k or even tough Minnesota weather. :)