Meet our School Board

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    Jason Nies - Chair
    Term: 2017-2020
    Committees: Benton-Stearns Education District; Communications and Technology; Negotiations; Stearns County Collaborative; and Steering (Facilities)
    Phone Number: 612-695-0782

    Jeremy Snoberger - Vice Chair
    Term: 2019-2022
    Committees: Communications and Technology; Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment Committee; Community Outreach; and Sartell Senior Connection
    Phone Number: 320-282-8303 

    Pam Raden - Clerk
    Term: 2017-2020
    Committees: Communications and Technology; Finance and Operations; Legislative Network/SEE; and Steering (Facilities)
    Phone Number: 320-250-0500

    Amanda Byrd - Treasurer
    Term: 2019-2022
    Committees: Policy; Community Education Advisory; and Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment Committee
    Phone Number: 320-241-5988

    Lesa Kramer - Director
    Term: 2017-2020
    Committees: Finance and Operations;  Community Outreach; Drug Free Coalition; and Policy
    Phone Number: 320-259-6303

    Patrick Marushin - Director 
    Term: 2019-2022
    Committees: Finance and Operations; Policy; Special Education Advisory; and Steering (Facilities)
    Phone Number: 612-750-2973

    Student representatives: Yash Hindka, Eli Lawson, and Lauren Lindmeier

  • The School Board is the governing body of the school district, responsible for developing policy to ensure the proper care, management and control of district affairs, and supporting the mission of educating our students to reach their full potential. District voters elect School Board members at large who are United States citizens, at least 21 years of age, not registered as a convicted sex offender and live within the school district.

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