Academic Offerings

  • Core Classes

    Language Arts, Math/Algebra/ Pre-Algebra, Science, and  Social Studies

    Specialists Classes

    Art is taught in grades 5-6. Art is a required class for every student in grades 7-8.

    Music is taught in grades 5-6 and is offered as an elective in grades 7 or 8. Students explore music of a variety of styles from classical to jazz. Students also create and perform their own original musical works. Emphasis in class is placed on imagination and creativity of individual students.

    Music Electives: Band, Choir, and Orchestra are offered as electives to all students. All students must take at least one music class (Band, Choir, and/or Music) in grades 5-8.

    Health is a required class in grades 7 or 8. Students explore and develop strategies that promote mentally and emotionally healthy lifestyles.

    Family and Consumer Science (FACS) is designed to acquaint students with areas of personal and family life sciences. The emphasis at this level is to develop independent life skills - within an activity-based, cooperative environment. FACS is taught as an elective course in grades 7 or 8 focusing on basic life skills, foods and nutrition, and family life.

    Physical Education is taught in grades 5-8. A full program of activities is offered throughout the year. Swimming instruction is also a part of this program. Students in grades 5-8 are required to have appropriate physical education wear. Gym shoes, shorts, and t-shirts are recommended. Lockers and locks will be provided. Students must bring their own towel. Students may not wear PE clothes to regular classes.

    Project Lead the Way is an elective in grades 7 or 8. Students study the history of technology, use problem-solving techniques to work with the technology of today, and explore the future of technology in the information age. An exploratory program is offered in grades 5 and 6.

    Theatre/Drama is taught as an elective in grade 7 or 8. All aspects of theater and drama will be addressed during this course. An exploratory option is offered in grades 5 and 6.

    Introduction to Spanish (7th Grade Only) is a communicative based class covering the topics of basic conversational phrases, numbers, colors, and the school. Its purpose is to introduce you to learning a foreign language, with the possibility of continuing in the Spanish IA program during Quarters 3 or 4 in seventh grade.

    Spanish IA and IB are offered as electives in grades 7 and 8. Students will gain a basic understanding of everyday life and vocabulary within the Spanish culture. Major emphasis is placed on speaking, listening, reading and writing in the Spanish language. Upon completion of the Spanish IA and Spanish IB classes, students will have the opportunity to demonstrate a level of proficiency that may qualify them to begin in Spanish Level II at Sartell High School. An exploratory program is offered in grades 5 and 6.

    Special Education: The services of a psychologist, counselor, social worker and special education specialists are available to provide diagnosis, program planning, and serve as resource persons to the school and its students. These persons have knowledge of community resources as well and can make referrals to an appropriate agency for assistance in problem areas.

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