Testing our Emergency Notifications

  • October 27, 2021

    We will send a test message on Wednesday, October 27 via email, text, and phone. We will run our test on October 27 to make sure you know which phone numbers, text numbers, and email addresses are designated for emergency notifications. This will be how you are notified for weather-related schedule changes and other emergencies. 

    • Families should make sure their Skyward Family Access account is updated to receive Skylert notifications according to your preferences. For a Skylert overview, please click here.
    • Community members interested in receiving District emails/texts/phone calls for severe weather closings/delays are invited to create an account with Skylert, our emergency notification service. For instructions to help set up your account in the Skylert Community Portal, please view this handout.

    Skylert notifications are used to communicate school delays/cancellations with families. Information is also shared on our website, social media, and local television/radio stations. 

Skylert - family communication

  • Sartell-St. Stephen ISD 748 uses Skylert, a mass notification system, to communicate with employees, parents, and the community regarding:

    • emergency situations
    • weather-related delays/cancellations
    • low food service account balances
    • changes to scheduled events
    • general school information

    You control the contact method(s) by which you receive messages through Skyward's Family Access. Skylert can provide you with information in three ways:

    • Phone calls
    • E-mails
    • Text messages

    The District uses Skylert for the following:

    • Non-school Hours Emergency - for events that happen when school is not in session, such as school closings due to overnight snow storms.
    • School Hours Emergency - for events that happen during the school day, such as early closings due to snow storms or other emergencies.
    • General - for informational purposes only and will reference various district or school events and information. This will include routine school/program emails.
    • Food Service – if food service balances fall below $20.00 or is at a negative balance.
    • Survey - if we need your opinion on matters important to your school or the district. This option will only be used occasionally.

    To view and update your Skylert contact preferences:

    1. Log in to your Skyward Family Access account.
    2. Click on Skylert (listed on the left-hand side).
    3. Update your contact details and/or change your notification preference.

    You can add and remove checkmarks as you wish for the various types of contact calls, emails, or text messages.  Even though you may have checked phone numbers to receive text messages, you must also 'opt in' to receive the text services for each number under the ‘Text Message Numbers’ heading. 


    • Family Access login (username/password): please contact Sue Fibranz at 320-656-3781
    • Skylert: please contact Sarah Kleppe at 320-656-3701 ext. 1112

Helpful hints

  • If you received weekly announcements but can no longer find them in your inbox, here are some steps you can take:

    1. Log into your Skyward account and update your Skylert settings (General = Weekly Announcements).
      • Make sure your family's Primary Account is updated with all the emails you would like to receive info
      • Add emails and/or phone numbers and click the appropriate boxes (Food Service, Emergency, General, etc.)
    2. If your Skyward/Skylert settings look ok but you are not receiving emails, log into that email account
      • Check your Junk/Spam folder – and check it again. We have had parents say that they check their spam folder and don't see us, but when they check again, they find the email in their junk/spam folder.
      • Make sure your school's administrative assistant is on your "safe senders" or "whitelist" 
      • A search of your email host + whitelist will guide you how to designate ISD 748 emails as "safe senders"
    3. Bookmark your school Announcement webpage
      • Each school updates their Announcement webpage weekly, so you can bookmark those pages to make sure you are in the loop. 
Last Modified on October 25, 2021