Class of 2019

    To place your order for the Cap & Gown Unit (tassel is included!) please visit the Jostens website. Questions regarding orders should be directed to Erik Sueker at Jostens. 

    Have you applied to colleges or maybe enlisted in the military? Or better yet, got accepted? This year, Heckman’s yearbook class is putting together a senior acceptance wall. When you receive your letter of acceptance, bring in to Mrs. Heckman’s room and we will make a copy of it and hang it on the wall. Each student will only be allowed one letter on the wall. If you do not have a physical letter, you can bring in a picture of you in your school's apparel or if you are going into the military, you can bring in a picture of the day you committed to your branch and we will provide a small description of your plans after high school!

    The annual graduation letter will be mailed to families of 12th graders the last week of February and will include the important commencement information, dates and deadlines for seniors, and tickets for the graduation ceremony. Please follow the instructions for requesting extra tickets as outlined in the letter, requests will not be accepted until AFTER letters have been mailed. 


Class of 2019

Parent Info


    The SHS Senior Grad Party Committee is looking for parent volunteers to join the party planning committee. Every year an All-Night Senior Grad Party is held at the school after commencement. The party is planned, organized and run by parents of the student body.

    Our first planning meeting will be January 6 at 7pm and parents of SHS students in any grade level are invited.

    For more information please visit our website or email us if you have any question.

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