Early Childhood Special Education

  • Any child between birth and five years with a demonstrated developmental delay and who meets eligibility criteria in early childhood special education is eligible to receive services. If you would like to make a referral for an evaluation or discuss developmental concerns with an intake facilitator, please use the Help Me Grow link (Resources).

    Children birth to age 3 are provided services through home-based instruction. We partner with Benton Stearns Education District to provide services in all areas for children.

    Once a child turns 3 years, we provide center-based services. We are fully integrated with Little Sabres Preschool and have Special Education teachers, Speech Language Pathologists, and Adaptive Phy Ed teachers on staff while we contract with Benton Stearns Education District to provide mental health and therapy services.

    Early intervention is always best! Feel free to call us with questions.

Contact Us

  • Jill Murphy
    Sartell-St. Stephen Schools
    Special Education Coordinator
    320-656-3701 x1104

    Jason Mielke

    Sue Currens
    Benton Stearns Education District
    Special Education Coordinator

Last Modified on September 21, 2021