Full Access - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • Why the initiative of technology?
    The District strongly believes that technology plays a vital role in 'getting to the next level' of education. The District continues to focus on utilizing technology to enhance learning using programs such as Seesaw, Schoology, Google Apps and many more. These tools provide our students with the opportunity to create and collaborate in order to support our students in being college and career ready.

    What training in digital citizenship will the students receive?
    Students will be going through curriculum developed by commonsensemedia.com and revised by our staff for grades K-12. To look at the scope and sequence of the curriculum, click here.

    When will the students receive their device? The High School has a distribution schedule for grades 9-12 that will be available for reference prior to school starting. The Middle School students will receive their device during open house week. More deatiled information will be coming from the staff at the Middle and High School.

    If students move into the District during the school year, they will receive their device once the full-access handbook has been signed and the non-refundable deposit has been paid. The device will be given to them by the assistant principals at both the Middle and High School.

    Will the device be used in all classes?
    Sartell-St. Stephen teachers will have the discretion of allowing when and how technology will be used. Please respect and follow each teachers’ instructions.

    Will I have access to Microsoft Office? 
    Microsoft Office will be installed on all MacBook Airs for student use.  This includes Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, and Excel. For the iPads at Sartell Middle School, Google Docs will be used.

    If a student does not have Wi-Fi Internet at home or has limited access, how will they do their homework?
    Students without Wi-Fi access at home will need to inform the teaching staff so appropriate accommodations can be made. 

    May I bring my own iPad or MacBook (9-12) to school?
    You will be asked to use the school-issued device, which will have the instructional materials and programs relevant to classroom learning.

    Will there be a cost for the students?
    Yes. There will be a non-refundable deposit for each student wishing to take the device home. For the Middle School (iPads) the cost is $35.00 per student. For the High School, the cost is $60.00. There is a family cap of $100. This must be paid before the device will be distributed. 

    SHS - Sascha Hansen
    SMS - Laura Arndt

    What does the non-refundable deposit cover?
    The non-refundable deposit covers the cost of damage done at school that is deemed to be nonnegligent. It can also cover a portion of the incidents that happen beyond a student's control if deemed so by the building administration. The non-refundable deposit also includes a timely replacement of the device.

    Does the District offer an insurance program for either the iPad or MacBook?
    No. There is not an option to purchase insurance through the District. The non-refundable deposit will be used to cover accidental damage. Negligent or damage off-campus will not be covered by the non-refundable deposit. We encourage families to check with their homeowners insurance company to purchase additional coverage.

    Can students purchase a case to put on the MacBook Air loaned to them?
    While the district will be providing sleeves to transport the MacBook Air laptop (SHS ONLY), students can purchase a case for the device. 

    Will there be a case for the iPads?
    Yes, we have purchased a durable case for the iPads and students will be required to keep the iPad in this case at all times. They may not purchase or use a different case for the iPads. Students cannot alter the case they are given.

    What happens if my device is lost or stolen?
    Please contact building administration right away. We will use District software to help locate it if possible. As far as payment, we are treating this just as we would a textbook or any other District property. If a device is lost or stolen, the student will be charged a fee to replace it.

    What happens if there is damage to my device?
    For accidental damage that follows all rules of ownership listed in the full-access handbook, the district will repair the first two instances. The third instance will be charged to the student.

    For damage that does not follow the rules of ownership (out of case, spilled liquid, etc.), the student will be charged for the repairs.

    Can students visit inappropriate sites with their devices?
    While on campus and using the district’s Wi-Fi, students will fall under the same content filter that we’ve had in place for years assuring safe, yet accessible, sites. In a home setting, having a content filter is encouraged for children of all ages. One resource is OpenDNS.com  which is a content filter for home use.

    Will the students be able to purchase the device at any point?
    No. The device will remain property of Sartell-St. Stephen School District. 

    Specific for SMS – iPad

    Should students purchase a wireless keyboard?
    We would suggest holding off on purchasing a keyboard immediately for the iPad minis. We have found that students become faster typists once they gain experience using the onscreen keyboard. Once the student has had practice with it, families can decide if an external keyboard is needed.

    Should students purchase a stylus for writing on the iPad?
    This is another personal preference. Students have had success with, and without, a stylus.

    Specific for SHS - MacBooks

    What if my computer is not in a case while at school?
    Staff will ask you to get your sleeve and put the laptop in the sleeve. Should the sleeve not be at school, office staff will keep your computer until your sleeve is provided.


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