August 10 - Q&A (Recording)

  • On Monday, August 10 at 2p, the District hosted an online live Q&A session (click to view the recording) regarding what back to school may look like for 2020-2021.  A topic timeline for the August 10 session is on this page for reference.

    The School Board approved a Safe Learning Plan on August 5, 2020, that will be updated if the District receives additional guidance from the Governor, the Minnesota Department of Education, and the Minnesota Department of Health.

    If you have questions regarding your child’s school experience, please contact your principal directly.


    safe learning plan  




General Time/Topic - August 10

  • **Presentation Updates - live - approximate times with topic overview**

    2:00p - Superintendent Schwiebert intro, welcome

    2:05p - Krista Durrwachter, HR Director

    • the COVID rate/Learning Model chart is from page 5 of the governor's presentation on July 30; Our version is on Page 5 of our Safe Learning Plan

    2:10p - Superintendent Schwiebert - school hours, open houses

    2:13 - Joe Prom/Transportation

    2:17 - Superintendent Schwiebert - pods, defined 

    2:19 - face coverings/masks

    2:20 - transitioning from learning model to model; what if my child wants to move from Distance Learning to Hybrid/vice versa; timelines for K-5 and 6-12 grade

    2:22 - transitioning from in-person to more restrictive level option

    2:23 - will childcare options offer assistance with learning?

    2:23 - question about tech devices for grades K-2

    2:25 - learning models

    2:26 - will extracurricular opportunities still be offered?

    2:27 - why is August 17 the date the school board will make their decision?

    2:28 - Jill Murphy, Special Ed Coordinator: what will Special Education look like?

    2:29 - will backpacks be allowed in classrooms (SMS/SHS)?

    2:30 - Principal Jason Mielke: recess and lunch

    2:32 - will Distance Learning will look different from spring?

    2:34 - is there a public website to view county COVID rates?

    2:35 - Krista Durrwachter - if a student gets COVID, what is the protocol?

    2:37 - Kyle Breitkreutz, Director of Technology - wifi, platforms; when can we pick up devices?

    2:38 - Superintendent Schwiebert - can I switch my M/T to Th/F designation (last names)?

    2:39 - what help do you need from the community?

    2:40 - what is the protocol for if a teacher tests positive for COVID-19?

    2:42 - can a student wear a shield instead of a mask? (take a break to research/confirm)

    2:43 - afterschool sports/activities - if distance learning?

    2:44 - Joe Prom: lunches and free meals

    2:46 - Principal Mielke: what will preschool look like?

    2:47 - Krista Durrwachter: (answering the question at 2:42) - face shields and masks clarifications

    2:48 - Superintendent Schwiebert - children with different last names in same house for hybrid

    2:48 - deadline for registration

    2:49 - August 18 will be when principals communicate building-specific info?

    2:50 - when can we find out about busing info?

    2:51 - busing for different buildings & learning models

    2:52 - early results for family preference for distance learning/learning model

    2:53 - when can we receive the printed district calendar?

    2:53 - I have two children - can I send one child to one Learning Model and the other to another?

    2:54 - hybrid at Riverview - who will answer my child's questions? 

    2:54 - if there is bus capacity, can we change our mind about needing transportation?

    2:55 - are you concerned about the airflow at Riverview?

    2:57 - Krista Durrwachter - COVID rates/learning models, further explained

    3:00 - closing


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