• About Teaching & Learning

    The foundation for teaching and learning within the Sartell-St. Stephen School District is rooted in our mission “to develop well-rounded citizens capable of becoming successful and contributing members to society by providing outstanding instruction in a caring and supportive environment where excellence is the expected outcome of all learners.”

    Academic Extensions

    ISD 748 provides multiple programs and activities for students needing increased academic rigor in curriculum and instruction.

    Assessment & Evaluation

    ISD 748 utilizes multiple measures to understand each child's academic strengths and areas of growth.This information is used to personalize learning and make curricular decisions. 

    Distance Learning

    Our entire school staff is committed to doing our best for every child when using the Distance Learning platform. 

    English Learners

    ISD 748 supports our English Learners with specialized instruction and programming that is focused on reading, writing, listening and speaking.

    Literacy Plan

    Basic reading proficiency is one of many developmental milestones in a child’s educational experience. Our School District Literacy Plan outlines our programmatic supports of assisting every child in reaching grade-level proficiency by the end of 3rd grade.

    Professional Learning

    Professional Learning is a critical element in supporting our school district mission. We are committed to experiences that are collaborative, reflective, linked to school and system goals, and focused on student learning.

    Safe & Supportive Schools

    ISD 748 believes creating a safe and supportive school environment is the foundation for ensuring a student well-being and academic success. Fundamentally important to this goal is a focus on diligent supervision, clear expectations and creating positive relationships. 

    Special Education

    ISD 748 is committed to supporting students in successfully developing their fullest potential. We provide inclusive and comprehensive programs for students with disabilities from pre-school through 21 years of age.


    ISD 748 believes that purposeful technology integration plays a vital role in preparing our students for today and tomorrow.

    Title 1

    Title 1 is a federally-funded program that provides qualifying students with personalized educational supports designed to assist in attaining grade-level proficiency and foundational skills in reading.