• School Site Changes: 2019-2021
    Alongside the opening of the new Sartell High School in the Fall of 2019, changes are also in process for all students in grades PreK-8. The following is a timeline of the upcoming shifts. The links on the left side of this page will give you more specific information as it relates to each grade level.

    • 2019-2020
      • New Sartell High School opens
      • 1993 high school building closes as it undergoes remodeling to become the new grades 6-8 Sartell Middle School
    • 2020-2021
      • ORE becomes Oak Ridge Early Learning Center serving students in PreK-K
      • PME becomes Pine Meadow Primary School serving students in grades 1-2
      • Sartell Middle School (1969 high school) becomes Riverview Intermediate School serving students in grades 3-5
      • Sartell High School (1993) reopens as Sartell Middle School serving students in grades 6-8

February 6, 2019 Update

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  • Jeff Schwiebert
    Sartell-St. Stephen Schools

    Kay Nelson
    Assistant Superintendent
    Sartell-St. Stephen Schools

2020-2021 Start/Dismissal Times

  • Pine Meadow Primary 7:50am-2:20pm

    Oak Ridge Early Learning 8:00am-2:30pm

    Riverview Intermediate School 8:10am-2:40pm

    Sartell Middle School 8:50am-3:35pm

    Sartell High School 8:55am-3:40pm

February 6, 2019 Update

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