December 3
WJON provides an update on the new auditorium as part of their feature on the new high school.

November 20
Part of the comprehensive facilities plan is to reconfigure the existing high school (which opened in 1993) for grades 6-8 during 2019-2020. WJON's article, Get a first look at Sartell High School remodel., includes renderings from the architect.

October 1 
Richard Leguil from WJON wrote and produced a video, Sartell's music wing coming together, after a tour with Superintendent Schwiebert as part of WJON's monthly update.

September 5
Read How residents can tour the Sartell High School construction site by Jordyn Brown of the St. Cloud Times.

September 4
Richard Leguil from WJON wrote and produced a video, New Sartell High School is halfway there, after a tour with Superintendent Schwiebert.

July 23
Jordyn Brown from the St. Cloud Times wrote, New Sartell High School takes form, work turns to the inside, after touring with Superintendent Jeff Schwiebert. 

July 13
View the latest drone video of the New Sartell High School Construction site.

May 10
Students in 8th-10th grade joined Sartell High School Principal Brenda Steve and Assistant Principals Nick Peterson and Sascha Hansen, Superintendent Jeff Schwiebert, Assistant Superintendent Kay Nelson, Director of Business Services Steve Wruck, and others for a "topping out" ceremony, commemorating the last truss being put in place. The event was recorded (view Principal Steve's comments and students signing and the truss being put in place) and you can view Principal Steve's remarks as a PDF.

April 6
Superintendent Schwiebert led a tour of the construction site with Dave DeMars from the Sartell Newsleader. Read the article and see photos: Update, photo tour of new high school.

The Blau Journal includes an article about the new high school, Re-Imagining the Library Media Center for Next Century Learning.

March 23
Superintendent Jeff Schwiebert toured the construction site with the St. Cloud Times. To learn more, read New school news: Weather won't stop building of new Sartell High School.

March 22
Construction site fire - no injuries and no visible damage to the structure. No school staff or students were present. It is believed roofing material was the source of the fire and the Sartell Fire Department quickly contained the blaze. WJON and St. Cloud Times reported on it.

March 20
SHS pilot classroom - students and teachers try out potential new furniture, technology, and more to provide feedback on selections for the new Sartell High School. 

February 13
Drone footage of Sartell High School construction. View the 2-minute video here.

February 7
Sartell Middle School students meet with one of the architects to share their opinions and ask questions about the new Sartell High School. View photos here.

January 18
Superintendent Jeff Schwiebert toured the construction site with Richard Leguil from WJON. To learn more, read WJON's article, New Sartell High School starting to take shape [photos].

January 11
Superintendent Jeff Schwiebert, Assistant Superintendent Kay Nelson, and Sartell High School Principal Brenda Steve presented, "Re-imagining the media center: from central hub to distributed creation labs" at the Minnesota School Boards Association's Leadership Conference, "Student Achievement: Passion, Perseverance and Possibility."