Oct 9

Hey you! Yeah! You! Are you interested in honing your public speaking skills, improving your performance abilities, and giving yourself a step above others? Sabre Speech Team is the place for you. Speech is a competitive activity made up of 14 categories that range from analysis to drama to humor. Not too keen on competing alone? There is a category for you and your speaking partner! While nobody knows what this season will hold, we hope you will join us for practicing, perfecting, and performing. For more information, join our Schoology Course 2K42B-43KZV.

Gay Staight Alliance
Our Gay Straight Alliance will be meeting via Zoom this year. If you are interested in joining please reach out to Dawn Brown. Thank you!

College Possible
College Possible is an opportunity for students to get extra support on their journeys to and through college.  If you have questions or would like more information email our Counseling Office. Click here for the application. Deadline has been extended to Nov. 27, 2020.