March 4, 2020

Sartell-St. Stephen Families:

We, as a District, are aware of the concern with the COVID-19 virus (Coronavirus). At this time, we are following the recommendations that have been provided by the Minnesota Department of Health, Center for Disease Control and Stearns County Public Health. 

Our current health risk of COVID-19 in our area remains low. Our communications with the Minnesota Department of Health, Center for Disease Control, and Stearns County Public Health will continue.  We will follow the recommendations provided to us on how we will monitor and implement any new or updated procedures made by these agencies.

Our school district guidelines for addressing illness in our schools are in line with the current recommended procedures.   We would ask that parents/guardians review Am I Well Enough to go to School? and follow this in the decisionmaking of keeping your child home.  

The best preventative procedures at this time are:

  • wash your hands,
  • cover your cough and sneezes,
  • clean frequently touched surfaces and
  • stay home when sick.

Center for Disease Control and Prevention Resources: